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Berg Pedal Gokart

The go-kart has adjustable seat. It is suitable for children from the age of 5 and for adults (up to 100 kg). It is also suitable for professional use.

This fantastic model is fitted with BFR system.

BFR means Brake, Freewheel & Reverse, it means you can Brake and Reverse. It also enables you to freewheel, whereby the pedals stay still while the wheels turn

1000 W Electric Go Kart

Berg Pedal Gokart

It is also fitted with BFR system which means you can break and reverse. It also enables you to freewheel whereby the pedals stay still.

It has pneumatic rubber tyres for faster speeds and less noise.

Squirrel Slide & Jumping Castle Combination

Monkey Jungle Jumping Castle

Safari Jumping Castle

Yellow Jumping Castle

Monkey Jungle Jumping Castle

Paddling Pool

(Balls are NOT available)

At Manyane Golden Leopard Resort

At Golden Leopard Resort

You can hire this trailer with PVC cover. 

Size:3m x 1.5m x 1.5m.  It can carry 600kg

You can hire this trailer with or without PVC Cover

During Exhibition at resort in the North West.