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Berg Pedal Gokart

The go-kart has adjustable seat. It is suitable for children from the age of 5 and for adults (up to 100 kg). It is also suitable for professional use.

This fantastic model is fitted with BFR system.

BFR means Brake, Freewheel & Reverse, it means you can Brake and Reverse. It also enables you to freewheel, whereby the pedals stay still while the wheels turn

3 Go karts + inflatable Race Track  R 1980

(2 hours)

Or R 990 per hour (minimum 2hours)

Berg Pedal Gokart

3 Go Karts only WITHOUT Race Track

R 1500 for 3 hours

Squirrel Slide & Jumping Castle Combination

R 1200

Giant Slide with

Paddling Pool

R 2300 

Safari Jumping Castle R 850 per day

(5 hours)

Yellow Jumping Castle R 750  per day (5 hours)

Go karts & Race track at Shopping Mall

Riders inside an inflatable Race Track

At Golden Leopard Resort

You can hire this trailer with PVC cover.

R 400 

Size:3m x 1.5m x 1.5m.  It can carry 900kg

You can also hire Just Go karts without Inflatable Race Track

During Exhibition at resort in the North West.